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CrossTown League 2014 Schedule

All games will be played at the Tyrone Elementary School gym

CrossTown League 2014 Teams

Below are the teams for the 2014 CrossTown League.

Schedule for Saturday, January 25

4pm: Team 1 vs Team 2
5pm: Team 3 vs Team 4
6pm: Team 5 vs Team 6

Games will be played at the Tyrone Elementary School gym.
Arrive 15 minutes before your game and be wearing your teams color.

You will be receiving a jersey, but they won't be ready for Saturday's games.

Team 1 (blue)
O'shay Toney
Ben Shetler
Timmy Long
Tommy Long
Andrew Hockenberry
Bryce Bauer
Aaron Beebe

Team 2 (green)
Tyler Neff
Gage Reed
Jerame Parson
Randall Wilson
Dustin Wilson
Bill Snyder
Levi Walk

Team 3 (yellow)
Mike Cain
Duane Boone
Garrett Hunter
Cameron Bakasheshe
Bryant McCracken
Zach Myer
Bryant Taylor

Team 4 (white)
McKay Skelton
Nick Romano
Justin Miller
Dick Miller
Johnny Payne
Gage Heverly

Team 5 (orange)
Silas Crawford
James Oliver
Elijah Sleeth
Seth Umholtz
Sean Turchetta
Schyler Buck

Team 6 (red/pink)
Erin Bruner
Sam Lalruatpuia
Tyler Osterhout
Stephen Yocum
Ty Claypoole
Chad Smith
Kurt Emery

2014 CrossTown League

Registration for the 2014 CrossTown League
is now OPEN

To register to play in the CrossTown League, fill out the form below.

If you have any questions, you can contact Coach Nate Verilla at 937-3493 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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