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2011 Cross-Town Basketball League Rules

- 16 minute halves

- Clock stops under a minute in the first half and under two minutes in the second half

- This is unless the losing coach says to keep the clock running if they are down by 15 points

- 3 minute overtime period

- 2 time outs per half

- 1 Full (60 seconds)

- 1 Half (30 seconds)

- Sub on dead balls (includes time outs)

- Time outs are called by the team with possession (you can call time out after a made free throw before the inbounds)

- After 6 team fouls (on 7th) = shoot 1 on 1

- After 9 team fouls (on 10th) = shoot 2

- Intentional foul = 2 foul shots and the ball

- No swearing

- 1 warning, then technical (technical means out for that game and the next)

- A technical warrants the opposing team getting 2 foul shots and the ball

- No arguing with officials

- 1 warning, then technical

- No conduct that does not reflect good sportsmanship (example-taunting)

- 1 warning, then technical

- Backcourt = loss of possession

- Means that after the ball is maintained by a player with both feet in their team's front court, the player cannot cross the half-court lie with any part of their feet or the ball when in their possession

- Offensive 3 seconds = loss of possession

- Player must remove both feet from key to avoid 3 seconds

- Traveling = loss of possession

- Having possession of the ball and moving both feet without dribbling or changing pivot foot

- Excessive carrying of basketball

- 10 Second Violation = loss of possession

- Failure to bring basketball across half-court line within said time frame

- 5 Second Violation = loss of possession

- Failure to inbound basketball after dead ball or made basket within said time frame

- Charging = foul

- Will be enforced when a defensive player is established first at the point of collision between an offensive player and a defensive player or when offensive player is out of control

- All basic basketball rules apply (goaltending, reaching, blocking, foul, illegal screen, lane violation, etc.)

- No hats

- If jewelry is loose, then it needs to come off

- Must wear shorts

- Can play with four players, but not with three

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