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Cowfers & NAPA Take Home Titles

Another successful season has concluded for the CrossTown League, this year being the biggest and most explosive yet!  60 players from Tyrone, Bellwood, Houtzdale, Huntingdon, and Altoona participated in this year's league, which consisted of 2 divisions and 8 teams total.  Friday, March 4th and 11th were the grand finales to this exciting season.  On Friday March 4th, the Recreational Division held its consolation and championship games.  In the first game, the Huskies took third place over The Beauty Salon with strong performances from Tyler Snyder and Zach Hoffman who had 14 and 13 points respectively.  In the championship game, Light Tool & Machine could not bring down the undefeated Cowfer's team as Tyler Osterhout, the division's MVP, led them to a championship and perfect season.  Congratulations guys!

The second Friday featured a packed house and high noise levels as the Competitive Division played their consolation and championship games.  In the first game, Glenny Photography defeated Albemarle for third place.  GP's Josh Burwell, Errin Bruner, and Shaquille Williams all scored double-digits in their impressive win.  The Competitive championship brought an energy to the gym that exceeded all games prior.  The crowd made their presence felt in this exciting, down-to-the-wire finish.  In the end, Toney O'Shay and the NAPA team came out as champions, with a second straight title for coach Nathan Verilla.  To round out the night, all-stars from the Recreational Division took on their coaches in a close game in which the players came out on top.  Then the Competitive all-stars played their coaches.  The competitive players played tough, but eventually the old guys won.

If you ask any player or coach, they would say the same thing: this season was a blast!  Please go to the Joshua House website and view the pictures in the photo galleries.

Box Scores:
Rec Consolation:  The Beauty Salon 26, Huskies 33
Zach Stevens 4 (TBS)
Johnny Payne 5 (TBS)
Trevor Ostreich 4 (TBS)
Zach Gill 13 (TBS)
Zach Kensinger  2 (H)
Glenn Briggs 2 (H)
Zach Hoffman 13 (H)
Shaquan Williams 2 (H)
Tyler Snyder 14 (H)

Rec Championship:  Light Tool & Machine 15, Cowfer's 24
Kristian Cowher 6 (LTM)
Johnny Lewis 1 (LTM)
Ben Shetler 6 (LTM)
Dakota Light 2 (LTM)
Merril Morrs 8 (C)
Gage Reed 4 (C)
Tyler Osterhout 8 (C)
Dylan Watters 2 (C)
Jerame Parsons 2 (C)

Comp Consolation:  Albemarle 32, Glenny Photography 51
Josh Burwell 11 (GP)
Errin Bruner 16 (GP)
Brad Wirtner 6 (GP)
Shaquille Williams 18 (GP)
Zach Burke 2 (A)
Jake Belinda 8 (A)
AJ Welsh 11 (A)
Trevor Swartzendruber 4 (A)

Comp Championship: Delgrosso's 25, NAPA 31

Derrick Wilson 2 (N)
Aleks Kovalick 2 (N)
Jay Oliver 2 (N)
Anthony Rodriguez 4 (N)
Toney O'Shay 21 (N)
Ian Murray 3 (D)
Korry Cowher 3 (D)
Matt Myers 2 (D)
Ben Makdad 6 (D)
Markus Wagner 5 (D)
Tony DiDomenico 6 (D)

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