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Fundraise with Us CrossTown League 2014 Teams

CrossTown League 2014 Teams

Below are the teams for the 2014 CrossTown League.

Schedule for Saturday, January 25

4pm: Team 1 vs Team 2
5pm: Team 3 vs Team 4
6pm: Team 5 vs Team 6

Games will be played at the Tyrone Elementary School gym.
Arrive 15 minutes before your game and be wearing your teams color.

You will be receiving a jersey, but they won't be ready for Saturday's games.

Team 1 (blue)
O'shay Toney
Ben Shetler
Timmy Long
Tommy Long
Andrew Hockenberry
Bryce Bauer
Aaron Beebe

Team 2 (green)
Tyler Neff
Gage Reed
Jerame Parson
Randall Wilson
Dustin Wilson
Bill Snyder
Levi Walk

Team 3 (yellow)
Mike Cain
Duane Boone
Garrett Hunter
Cameron Bakasheshe
Bryant McCracken
Zach Myer
Bryant Taylor

Team 4 (white)
McKay Skelton
Nick Romano
Justin Miller
Dick Miller
Johnny Payne
Gage Heverly

Team 5 (orange)
Silas Crawford
James Oliver
Elijah Sleeth
Seth Umholtz
Sean Turchetta
Schyler Buck

Team 6 (red/pink)
Erin Bruner
Sam Lalruatpuia
Tyler Osterhout
Stephen Yocum
Ty Claypoole
Chad Smith
Kurt Emery

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