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Roller Hockey

Roller Hockey

2014 Regular Season Standings

Team Record
Pioneers 6-0
Hawks 5-1
Whale Riders 3-3
McCloskey's 3-3
Lee Industries 2-4
Tomahawks 2-4
Warriors 0-6

2014 Schedule

The best way to view this calendar is by clicking the "Agenda" tab. Also, to see results from previous games, just scroll up on the schedule below:

1. Tyrone Jr. High - always a scrimmage game

2. Whale Riders

3. Pioneers

4. Hawks

5. Warriors

6. Tomahawks

7. McCloskeys

8. Lee Industries

2014 Rules

League Structure
1. Team captains are responsible for going over the following rules with their teams prior to the first game. Team climate starts with the team captain.
2. Every player has access to TRHL rules before season play begins. Any player who disagrees with the rules, or who can not abide by the established rules is not obligated to play in the TRHL.
3. League participants must have attained their 14th birthday by the start of the season. Exception considerations should be submitted immediately to league director.
4. Maximum roster per team = 13 Players.
5. Every player in the TRHL is required to pay an entrance fee of $25. The entrance fee is NOT refundable.
6. No player will be permitted to play in the league until the league fee is paid in full.
7. No players may be added to a roster once the season begins. If a team loses a player during the course of the season, they will have to continue to play with a reduced roster for the remainder of the season. THE PLAYER MAY NOT BE REPLACED. An exception to this rule may be made if the lost player is a goalie.
8. The applications of persons who are submitting applications as INDIVIDUALS (not as members of a team), will be accepted contingent upon the ability of the League to place them on a team that does not have the maximum number of players on their roster, and with the approval of the team being asked to add that individual to their roster.
9. Make up games - must be played the following week. Scheduling with be at the discretion of team captains. Captains must let league director know when they are playing the game. Games CANNOT be played during the following times:
- Saturday's from 11 am to 4 pm
10. All players play at their own risk. Neither the Tyrone Borough or the Tyrone Rec Association are liable for injuries.

Game Structure
1. Games are three 18 minute periods with two 2 minute intermissions
2. Each team has two 1-minute timeouts per game. Each team will receive another timeout in overtime.
3. Timeouts can only be called when there is a stop in play or by the team who has possession of the ball.
4. If a game has been started and suspended due to inclement weather, it shall be rescheduled and picked up from the point where it left off, provided it has not met the criteria for an officially completed game.
5. An officially completed game for the purposes of calling a game due to inclement weather shall be 2 completed periods. However, if one of the teams holds a 10-point lead at the time the game is suspended, it will be considered a completed game and will not be rescheduled.
6. Overtime: Sudden Death - First team that scores wins.
7. Overtime is five minutes long.
8. If there is still a tie (neither team scores) at the end of the first over time, a shoot out will determine the game. Each team will choose three different players to shoot. During the playoffs, there will NOT be a shoot out. Overtime will continue until a team scores.
9. If the game is still tied at the end of the shoot out, each team will choose another player (can be a player of the original three chosen) to shoot…and so on.
10. Stoppage of the game clock will occur during the following situations:
-When there has been a serious injury on the court.
-When the Referee has called a penalty.
- When the ball has been shot out of play
-When a situation arises that the Referee deems it necessary to do so.
-When a time-out is called.
-When a goal is knocked off its moorings.
-When the ball becomes lodged in the fence.
-During the last 2 minutes of the 3rd period when:
- the ball is covered by the goalie
- a goal has been scored.
- When offsides is called.
11. There must be three skaters and a goalie to play. Each team must have a goalie. The team must forfeit if there are less than three skaters and a goalie.
12. If for some reason a ref is not provided, play by the honor system. If someone makes a call and it is disputed, both captains must decide upon and agree upon the ruling of the disputed call.

Equipment Requirements
HELMETS, SHIN GUARDS AND/OR KNEE PADS, and HOCKEY GLOVES are REQUIRED safety equipment that MUST be worn at all times during the course of play.

Rule Definitions
Offsides - If a player precedes the ball into the offensive zone
Holding - Using hands on an opponent or his equipment
Tripping - Using the stick, arm, or leg to cause the opponent to trip or fall.
Hooking - Using the stick or blade to hook or restrain an opponent.
Checking - Includes cross checking and elbowing. Intensional use of body to make contact with opponent. Cross-checking is hitting an opponent with both hands on the stick and no part of the stick on the rink surface.
High-Sticking - Carrying the stick above the shoulders. To further clarify, it is contact with stick, body, or ball above shoulder level.
Slashing - Swinging the stick at an opponent.
Roughing - Engaging in shoving or other rough, unsportsmanlike behavior.
Unsportsmanlike - verbal abuse which includes swearing.
Fighting - Throwing a punch or punches at an opponent.
Delay of game – when a defensive player shoots the ball out of play in their own defensive zone
Hand Passing – a. in the crease – keeping the ball from crossing over the goal line by covering the ball with your hand. Only the goalie can cover the ball. b. batting the ball out of the air or pushing it along the surface and then your teammate plays it. This is only allowed in your own defensive zone.
Too many players - when you have too many skaters on the ice

Offsides - face off at neutral zone face off spot (closest to where offsides occurred)
Holding - 2 min.
Tripping - 2 min.
Hooking - 2 min.
Checking - Penalty shot for opponent, ejection of guilty player and suspension (sit out next game)
High-Sticking in defensive zone with no one around (within a stick's length) - Face off in defensive zone
High-Sticking with players within a stick's length - 2 min.
Slashing -
- 1st occurrence – 4 min. major and warning of ejection
- 2nd occurrence - Penalty shot & Ejection
Roughing -
- 1st occurrence - 4 min. major & warning of ejection
- 2nd occurrence - Penalty shot & Ejection
- 1st occurrence - warning
- 2nd occurrence - 2 min. minor
- 3rd occurrence – 4 min. major w/ warning of possible ejection
- 4th occurrence – ejection
Fighting - player(s) ejection. Expulsion from league.
Delay of game – face off in your defensive zone
Hand Passing – a. 2 min. minor b. face off near occurrence
Too many players - face off at center ice

1. All calls are at the discretion of the referee.
2. If a player, after being penalized, retaliates and hits stick with chopping motion against rink property or a person, they will be ejected.
3. Expulsion also includes post-season play
4. Penalty shots - Team captains can choose anyone on their team to shoot.

Other Rules
1. Face offs – ball must hit the ground before sticks can advance. Refs will drop the ball. If a player advances their stick early, they will be dismissed and replaced at the face off.
2. When the Ball goes out of the rink in a zone, there will be a face off in that zone if the defensive team touched it last. If the offensive team touches it last, there will be a face off in one of the offensive team’s neutral zone face off spots.
3. If the ball is shot out of play in the neutral zone, the face off will be at the neutral zone dot/spot where the team touched it last.
4. Each team should have a captain and an alternate captain in case the captain isn’t present.
5. The captain of each team must present themselves to the ref before the start of each game.
6. In the process of making a final decision, a referee may (but is not required to) call upon the 2 team captains (and ONLY the 2 team captains) for discussion of the events surrounding the call. Based upon this discussion, the referee is to make a final call. Once a final call has been made, the league-directed penalty is to be imposed.
7. If there is a dispute concerning a call, only the team captain (or the alternate if the team captain is not present) can approach the ref. However,…
Once the referee makes a ruling, the referee’s decision is final.
8. If a team forfeits twice, they are not permitted to play in the playoffs.
9. For the health and safety of all participants, any player who is bleeding must exit the court immediately and may not return until the bleeding has stopped or is bandaged.

Tie-breaking formula (for playoffs):
1. The team that has won their respective season series during the regular season will be awarded the higher seed. If that doesn’t apply then go to the next step.
2. The team with the most ‘Goals For’ during the regular season will be awarded the higher seed. If the teams are tied, then proceed to the next step.
3. The team with the least ‘Goals Against’ during the regular season will be awarded the higher seed. If the teams are tied, then proceed to the next step.

Note: The Director of the League is reserved the right to deal with any situation (as he sees fit) that arises during the course of the season, which may not have been anticipated by any of the rules set forth during the current season. The rules may be modified at any time during the season to address unanticipated situations.

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